Should you find a sugar daddy on the social network?

Having sugar daddies is not something new to yonger women anymore. Sugar daddies are wealthy and smart older men who are willing to spend a lot of money on college girls whom they are dating (sometimes not dating). Many young women prefer to go out with these older men for a wide variety of reasons ranging from security (financial and emotional) to their maturity.

Whatever your reasons, meeting them can be the hardest part, because many young people use social networks to make many of the connections in their lives, and for them, finding a sugar daddy there (or is there?). Here are a few reasons to desist from that practice.

Better chance of success

Dating sites focus on their work ( hooking up with sugar daddies and sugar babies), and that focus makes it easier for them to achieve that single goal. Social networks are invested in many things at the same time, reducing the chances of success in achieving a particular goal (in this case, finding a sugar daddy/baby).


Privacy is important to everyone -- very important. If so, finding a sugar daddy outdoors is the opposite. Activities on social networks are public knowledge (forget what they tell you); Anyone can see the conversation going on, and sometimes the wrong person. Everyone has family members on their social networks -- and they probably don't want them to know about their interest in sugar daddies. Bringing your search to sugar daddy online dating site can keep you safe; Only people interested in sugar dating can use these sites, so it's impossible to find family members who are in the midst of a witch hunt. It can also help those who are at risk of being blackmailed if the information is leaked. The best "sugar daddy" dating sites hire security people to put up with the security of user data - something social networks don't necessarily care about.


Professional sugar daddies (and sugar babies) sites offer an extra layer of security - namely validation. Anyone can be anyone else on a social network, for no fee, just by uploading the right photos and telling the right lies. Sadly, many girls who search for sugar daddies on sites like craigslist end up in the hands of crooks, kidnappers and other criminals. The best sugar daddy sites verify everything about their users. Information such as age, income, identity, occupation, etc., they monitor activity to remove scammers and claim not to be their members. Such verification is not available on regular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and can expose people to unpredictable and potentially fatal risks.

You may know why should you not land a sugar daddy on the social network. is your prime choice to meet your rich man as a sugar daddy.