Is it safe to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby on Facebook?

Privacy and security issues are a concern for people looking for sugar arrangements relationships on social media. Today we'll find out whether it's safe to find a local sugar daddy or sugar baby to date on Facebook, and if users' privacy is compromised.

First, before you start looking for a matching service, find out all the details you need about Facebook dating's privacy policy and privacy settings, how to control who sees your dating profile, and what Facebook is doing to address your privacy concerns and keep your personal data safe!

Who can see your Facebook dating profile?

Facebook dating is a feature of the social network that users must opt in to individually. Only people who have joined Facebook dating can see your profile, and the only information that goes from your Facebook profile to your dating profile is your name and age. Of course, you can also choose other information you want to display in your Facebook dating profile, such as your gender, religion, race, etc.

If you don't want your Facebook friends to know you're looking for sugar daddies or sugar babies on social media, you can hide your dating profile.

Block low quality and scammer users

In any social media or sugar daddy online dating app, there are always some scammers out there. Especially in the field of sugar daddies and sugar babies dating, sugar babies are often met by salt daddies without money who join the best sugar daddy dating review sites in order to get young girls' bank card information. But on Facebook, you don't have to worry about that. The people you've blocked won't see your dating profile, so you don't have to worry about wasting time sorting and filtering out low-quality users.

Here are three built-in protection measures to help users use Facebook more safely:

Like most sugar baby dating apps, you can report anyone's profile and block anyone.

Users are prohibited from sending photos, links, payments or videos via text message

Easy access to applications within security tips

To keep you safe, there is an additional security measure that will help you better experience online dating. You can use Facebook Messenger to share your real-time location with Facebook friends for up to 60 minutes.

Facebook dating privacy and data use policy

Facebook dating's privacy policy is an extension of Facebook's main data policy, including a warning that Facebook users may know you're using Facebook dating through mutual friends:

Here are some Facebook data use policies that collect personal information about you:

Content: when used, Facebook collects "content, newsletters and other information you provide," including what you say to your Facebook date. Or as they put it in the fine print, "our systems automatically process the content and communications that you and others provide to analyze the context and what's in it."

Connect: Facebook dating also analyzes which Facebook groups you join, who you pair off with, who you interact with, and how those people interact with you." For example, when others share or comment on your photos, send you a message, or upload, sync or import your contact information."

Your phone: Facebook Dating collects a lot of information from your phone, including the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery life, signal strength, location, nearby wi-fi access points, names and types of apps and files, plug-ins you use, and cookie data stored on your device.

Your location: in order to get a suggested match in Facebook dating, you need to allow Facebook access to your location. Facebook collects and analyzes all sorts of interesting tidbits about where you take your phone, including where you live, where you often go, and what companies and people are nearby. Facebook also analyzes what locations you choose to share with your Facebook friends and what they share with you.

Of course, the above list of Facebook privacy does not include all the tracking information, so what else we do not know about Facebook's privacy policy.

Facebook shares your information with third parties such as:

Companies that use Facebook analytics


Measurement partner (the company that collects all the information and compiles it into reports for use by other companies)

Suppliers, service providers, and companies that offer goods and services within Facebook

Researchers and scholars

Law enforcement agencies and other legal requirements

Facebook will store all your data "until you stop using Facebook," or until your Facebook account is deleted. Remember, deleting your profile and account does not remove any information that Facebook and Facebook dating has collected about you from other people.

You can also remove something in a unique way, such as removing a query from your search history. However, despite the use of a clear search tool, the search log will remain for six months. Different types of information are stored for different amounts of time after you delete them.

Is it safe to insist on finding a sweet arrangement on Facebook after you've learned about Facebook dating's privacy policy? If you're hesitant, I recommend joining sugar daddy dating online, an online dating site with millions of real users, to find the perfect partner and sign up for a basic membership for free now.