15 Daily habits to keep your sugar daddy relationship healthy and stable?

We often see those loving couples and admire their state of being together. We also fantasize about being easier and more natural with our partners. When sugar daddies date sugar babies, some relationships end in less than a month, while others last as long as a year. Want to know how they keep their sugar daddy relationship healthy and stable? Listen to what our users say:

1. Give your partner a proper greeting when he comes and goes

Initially, you may see each other once or twice a week, or even less if your city requires a flight. So every time you meet, whether sugar daddy comes to your city or sugar baby comes to your city, give him/her a warm hug when you meet him/her and a French kiss when you leave.

Don't just say 'hi' or 'goodbye' at the door and leave. We all need to be loved, and your relationship will last longer if you continue to give each other warmth and affection for a long time.

2. Ask them if they need anything

When you're dating, ask your partner if there's anything you can do for them, something as simple as thinking about them and wanting to support them. Of course, your sugar daddy probably doesn't need you to do anything for him, just be there for them. But you have this warm heart, will let him feel that you are really good to him.

3. Have regular communication and talk time without distractions

If you want your relationship to be healthy, you have to put down your phone and have some no-numbers communication with your partner. Set a time without distractions. You should also take some time to have some conversations, no matter how busy you are at work, on the days you set aside to talk to each other, you should stop worrying about your work and listen carefully to what your girl wants to share with you.

4. Let your partner know you're thinking of them

Something as simple as sending a text message to your partner to let them know you miss them is enough to keep your relationship strong. Although he won't be able to reply to your text immediately, he knows that someone cares about him, and as we all know, it's great to be cared about. It makes us feel needed.

5. Say "thank you."

While this may seem like a small gesture, saying "thank you" to your partner regularly can have long-term effects. When sugar daddy gives you gifts, gives you a monthly sugar baby allowance, takes you on trips, and eats at fancy restaurants, you should sincerely thank him!

As time goes by and we become comfortable, we tend to take each other for granted. It is important to remind our partners that we are still grateful.

6. Know your partner's emotions

Even if you feel that you and your partner are more open to each other, asking about their emotional states can make a big difference. Ask lighthearted questions, such as, "how's your project going?" "Is there anything you want to share with me?" "Or" have you had any difficulty with your studies recently?" Simple questions reflect whether you really care about your partner.

7. Give compliments

When you want to maintain a healthy relationship, a little praise goes a long way. Whether it's complimenting your spouse on what they're wearing or simply saying you're proud of what you've accomplished at work, these moments can make them feel incredibly secure in their relationship.

8. Make time for intimacy

Not everyone has the time -- or the will -- to make sex a part of their daily lives. But there are plenty of other ways you and your partner can stay close while dating. Hold hands in the car, put a hand on their lap on the sofa or at dinner, stroke their back after a long day, or give them a hearty kiss.

9. Surprise one another

You don't have to buy gifts for your sugar baby to keep them on their toes. Just as your partner might bring you a favorite gift or surprise you with a small gift on your first date, these little gestures can have a huge impact on your sugar daddy relationship! You don't have to give your sugar babies expensive gifts all the time. The occasional funny little gift is enough to keep them happy for most of the day.

10. Fill them in throughout the day

Whether it's a short text message or a two-minute phone call, contact your partner and let them know how you feel when they're not around. Let them know that you're thinking of them and that you value their opinion.

11. Play together

Relationships are work, but they should also be fun. So try to do something different, but fun, with your partner every time you go on a date. This is the key to keeping relationships healthy, but also to keep them fresh.

We try new experiences together, do stupid things together, and play real games together. A little playtime will not only improve your relationship with your partner, but it will also increase your overall happiness and reduce stress.

12. Tell your partner that you hear them, even when you're arguing

Before sharing your feelings, it's important to be sure of the other person's feelings, especially in the heat of the argument. During an argument or disagreement, try repeating what your partner said to you to make sure you understand them correctly. Let your partner know that you are listening, that you love them, and that you respect them.

13. Offer solutions

When you get into an argument or are upset about something, calm down and think of a better solution. Although you want to be spoiled, that doesn't mean that every time there's a problem or a problem, you can just wait for a sugar daddy to solve it.

14. Apologize

No matter what your sugar daddy or sugar baby did wrong, don't give him the cold shoulder. There's always someone who needs to take the first step and apologize to your partner. This is not a disgrace. On the contrary, it will make your partner think you are a responsible and responsible person.

15. Talk about your future

If you don't want to go back to the sugar daddy website looking for a new partner after three months arrangement, it's a good idea to talk to him about your thoughts and plans for the future. While the two of you may end up breaking up, before you do, talking about how you see each other's future can help you get along better with your partner, right?